Steps to Install Grass Pods in the Garden

Installing grass pads in the Garden isn’t difficult but it needs some preparation and care if they are aimed to grow roots in the soil. Different from  seed-started lawn, grass pads or sod give a uniform green lawn or a lush without waiting for certain time. In order to get the best result, you can install the sod in the same day when you purchase it so the grass you’re going to plant will not die. People can install sod from early spring until late fall and even in the winter during the warmer climates. If you decide to lay the sod in the summer, do it in the morning so it won’t die from hot and dry sun.

Things to Prepare to Create a Green Garden from the Grass Pads or Sod

There are some things to prepare in order to install grass pads in your lawn or garden. They include tiller, grass starter fetilizer, rake, garden hose with shower attachment, sprinkler, sand, broadcast spreader, and moisture meter probe or stiff wire. After preparing the tools needed to install the grass pads, now is time to start installing. First, till the soild to a depth of 6 to 8 inches. The condition of each soil in certain area might be different from other areas. So, if the soil consists of heavy clay, you can only till it in 2 or 3 inches and mix it with sand.

The next step to install the grass pads in the garden is applying the grass starter fertilizer to the soil itself like 24-25-4. You can apply it in a thin layer based on the manufacturer’s instructions. Then, rake it into the soild to a depth of 1 inch and water it. You need to wait for 1 to 2 days before you can lay the sod. The aim for waiting is to see whether the soild is still moist or not. Make sure that the soil is not muddy.

How to Install Grass Pods in Your Garden

After waiting for the soil in your garden to be moist enough, you can even out the soil by using a rake to fill in any high or low spots. Make sure that the soil is around 1 inch below any graded surfaces in order to make the grass grow well. Moreover, try to moisten the sod before you do other activities since the dry sod will break easily. When you moisten it make sure to not completely saturate it with water. To avoid breaking the sod, handle it carefully.

The last thing to do when installing the grass pad in your garden is rolling out the first row of sod along the edge of the garden or yard, mainly next to the walkway if you have one. Then, lay down the end of the next one until against the end of the first row so there will be no space left. Continue this activity until you reach the end of the garden or yard. You can stagger the ends of the yard for the next row to create a brick pattern. Use a knife to cut the ends to fit. Water the sod until the soil is wet.